Abhiyum Anuvum (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Abhiyum Anuvum

Abhiyum Anuvum (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

The moral and social dilemmas that the protagonists of the film face need sensitive handling, but that is where the film disappoints.

Cast & Crew
Director: B. R. Vijayalakshmi
Actor: Tovino Thomas, Piaa Bajpai, Suhasini Maniratnam, Prabhu, Rohini
Release Date: 25 May, 2018

Abhiyum Anuvum (2018) Tamil Review:
There’s lots of effort that has gone into creating Abhiyum Anuvum look young and in suspense. The young couple within the film, Abhi and Anu, meet on Facebook, wherever Anu (Pia Bajpai) vlogs her social activities. Abhi, however, works for a chic IT company, wherever he’s needed to create ‘presentations’ so as to bag overseas ‘projects’. He features a feminine colleague UN agency sneaks out for smoke breaks and she’s additionally identified to relish her drinks.

When they’re not taking selfies, Abhi and Anu notice time to create out, even in their initial meeting, because, come on, isn’t that what kids nowadays do all day long? They additionally get hitched with on a whim as a result of Anu is impulsive and doesn’t believe pushing sensible deeds for later. however that’s once their issues begin, and their excellent, saccharine-sweet relationship involves a halt, because of a sledgehammer of a twist.

Honestly, there’s most that would are through with such a good plot, particularly once they’ve determined to require a progressive stand whereas managing a taboo topic. however the execution is downright platitudinal (Anu and Abhi even create a heart with their hands throughout their honeymoon) once it’s not noncurrent. It’s maybe a movie that will have worked higher within the 90s, back once kids did a lot of attention-grabbing things than simply take selfies all the time.


Abhiyum Anuvum (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download
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