Bodha (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download


Bodha (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

The comic bits are hardly funny while the thriller elements are barely there.

Cast & Crew
Director: Suresh G.
Actor: Shanmugasundaram, Mippu, Vicky, Udaya Bhanu, Vinoth
Release Date: 20 Jul, 2018

Bodha (2018) Tamil Review:
Bodha hinted at a movie concerning gigolos. Or within the words of its lead, Madhan (Vicky), “aambala item”. this can be associate degreeother try in an trade that’s obtaining a lot of and a lot of experimental within the stories it tells. I likeable that Bodha talks concerning sex add a matter-of-fact approach. Take the instant once Madhan reveals to Karthick (Mippu) that he’s during this profession which the most important worry in his mind is however shameful it’ll be if his mother gets to grasp concerning this. Or the time once he has got to have it away a far older girl, UN agency is not as stunning because the girl he has up to now been with. His face contorts, he’s in anguish, and tries to depart. however once the girl shows him the cash, he puts on a facial expression and gets on with it. He doesn’t choose, or deliver any sermons over girls humoring in further married pleasures.

The story is light-weight and fascinating throughout these parts and is with competence supported by musician Siddharth Vipin (of Idharkudhaane Aasaipattai Balakumara fame). It takes the higher a part of the primary 0.5 hour for the film to urge originated. the rationale why Madhan will what he will is simple. He desires to be a cinema hero however is not able to get opportunities. He needs cash to form his dream come back true, so becomes a rounder. Credit ought to move to Vicky for doing a decent job mercantilism U.S. this idea, and a few of his mannerism, including his appearance, jogged my memory a small amount of Vijay Sethupathi throughout his Nalaya Iyakkunar/Pizza days.

The problem with Bodha comes once the film veers removed from this light-hearted section into a mystery. A celebrated film that follows a really similar plot line is yankee rounder written and directed by Paul Schrader. however notwithstanding whether or not this film was so galvanized by the Hollywood film, Bodha fails as a standalone product owing to the absence of a book ought to have against the law heroic tale. Also, this far-out comedy due higher lines and therefore the film would have quite benefitted from having a higher dialogue author. The quirkiest character within the film is somebody known as a Temple Runner UN agency is usually running, in the least places and in the least times, wordlessly scaring the bejesus out of everybody. This crotchet aside, the majority of the supporting solid deliver picket performances.


Bodha (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download
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