Enga Kattula Mazhai (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Enga Kattula Mazhai

Even for a generic comedy thriller, Enga Kaattula Mazhai is filled with clichés that turn it highly predictable.

Cast & Crew
Director: Sribalaji
Actor: Appukutty, Sonu Gowda
Release Date: 03 Aug, 2018

Enga Kattula Mazhai (2018) Tamil Review:
Murugan United Nations agency plays the hero may be a not-at-all untiring Associate in Nursingd an completely lazy guy within the film. He moves to Chennai and forces himself onto another guy United Nations agency is from identical native as his and lives on his cash. One fine day he happens to satisfy Magi and it’s love initially sight for him! You see heaps of transcription problems within the flick right from the beginning (be it in songs or maybe dialogues). Agni Eshwaran (Aruldoss) plays a corrupt police within the flick and is behind a fashionable businessperson United Nations agency has hoarded a lot of yankee bucks and needs to stealthily convert it and create a fortune of it. Murugan and Agni 1st encounter one another once Agni is finding ways that to charge the businessperson and ascertain concerning the bucks and wherever he has hidden it. Agni with the assistance of an admirer finds out and tries to steal the bucks and succeeds as well!

Meanwhile Murugan desires to require revenge on Agni for snatching his gold chain! And within the method winds up selecting the bag with the bucks in it. Murugan and his friend Guberan (Appu Kutty) begin exchanging the bucks and outlay it additionally whereas Agni and therefore the businessperson ar franctically trying to find the lost money! the opposite story that parallely runs within the flick is once the hero finds out concerning Magi’s prospect and needs to somehow get eliminate the guy (played by Chaams) since he’s head over heels in love with her! The dog, Douglas, has few scenes here and there and is quite the sole humour consider the whole movie! United Nations agency gets the cash at the tip and will Magi settle for Murugan’s love forms the remainder of the story. The flick is totally unsatisfactory be it the plot, songs, dance or maybe humour! Director Sri Balaji couldn’t have done how higher job with the flick. C Raja is that the producer of the flick created beneath the banner of Sri Thenandal Films (Valli Films) and music is by Sri Vijay.


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