Kalakalappu 2 (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Kalakalappu 2

An ex-minister tries to get back a laptop containing the details about his corrupt wealth, but his auditor blackmails him for money. Meanwhile, three young men, with their own problems, get involved in this.

Cast & Crew
Director: Sundar C
Actor: Jiiva,Nikki Galrani, Catherine Tresa, Jai, Nandita Swetha, Shiva
Release Date: 09 Feb, 2018

Kalakalappu 2 (2018) Tamil Review:
There were several things to savour in Kalakalappu, that discharged in 2012. The comedy of errors worked big-time, with Associate in Nursing assortment of comedians – as well as the likes of Santhanam – contributory to a rib-tickling film that we will senselessly watch, and re-watch, whenever it plays on tv. Director Sundar C tries to attain identical with ensuing half. He casts Jai as Raghu, who’s in search of his ancestral property in Kasi. He casts Jiiva as Seenu, a mansion owner in Kasi World Health Organization doesn’t mind lying to urge customers. On the opposite hand, there’s a political candidate whose secret-filled portable computer has been swindled away by his auditor, World Health Organization takes wing to Kasi and tries to blackmail him. And then, there’s the track of Shiva, World Health Organization enters within the half to feature flavour to the already-confused plot line.

However, the director looks to possess lost a trick by introducing a personality too several. simply once you heat up to the core plot line, he introduces sub-plots (several of them); one involves a crooked godman (Yogi Babu) and his assistant. Sample this: Yogi baboo plays asaamiyar World Health Organization gets a “signal” whenever a lady tickles his feet. the primary 0.5 concerning saunters, however the half redeems things a touch. There area unit some laughs here and there – those set in Karaikudi, as an example – however they’re so much and few in between. You’d be a clumsy person to expect logic in a very Sundar C comic caper, however the romantic parts (there area unit four of them – involving Jiiva, Jai, Satish and Shiva) area unit skeptical. Nikki falls taken with with Jai as a result of he tries to kill ahead of her, when some days of relentless pursuit. His try doesn’t succeed; he instead falls on a couple of sacks that contain Holi color powder. and everybody lands up diversion to a cool song, ‘Thaaru Maaru’, that sounds customized for a public house. Mind you, all this can be happening in Kasi on the banks of the river. everybody looks to be having fun on the large screen. At our expense, of course.


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