Kasu Mela Kasu (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Kasu Mela Kasu

Going by the primitive filmmaking and storytelling in this film, it feels quite a meta statement!

Cast & Crew
Director: K. S. Palani, Mayilsamy, Ganja Karuppu, Kovai Sarala, Jangiri Madhumitha
Release Date: Jul 6, 2018

Kasu Mela Kasu (2018) Tamil Review:
Remember Goundamani’s love track in jinrikisha Mama, wherever he falls for a woman assumptive she may be a bank officer, whereas she may be a beggar in reality? Imagine it stretched into a full-length film, with all the humour sucked out of it, and you’d get Kasu Mela Kasu. The protagonist Murali (Shahrukh) gets a freaky introduction scene: He’s reading a book with Kamal Haasan on the quilt, and you see his face once the book is down. he’s a spoilt nipper and therefore the lady he falls gaga with may be a beggar-turned-housemaid. Murali may be a man of dark obsessions. He stalks women and passes lewd racist comments at dark-skinned ladies, and watches cartoon shows meant for toddlers. What’s weirder is that he’s not alone on this mission of ushaar-ing (that’s however they decision it) an upscale girl; his father is his loveguru and therefore the one UN agency chooses women for his son to pursue.

Meanwhile, the girl at whose house heroine starling (Gayathri Rema) works, advises her to like any stalker, and says it’s her solely thanks to leave behind her family of beggars. frighteningly enough, she takes these words to heart. The torture reaches a full new peak once Murali’s father nonchalantly asks him to record his non-public moments along with his lover and he nods in complete acceptance. Even the characters on-screen get furious once some extent and begin adjustment what’s on the audience’s mind with dialogues like, “Pullaike broker vela pakuriya?” and “Ne avanku appa va mama va?”

The technical departments of Kasu Mela Kasu provide no respite either. The sudden insertions of random footage from past times films create USA surprise if the film is truly the writing exercise of a young person, however we have a tendency to ar still alleviated to urge some glimpses of a lot of competent films.


Kasu Mela Kasu (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

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