Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali
Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Even as a crime thiller, the film offers nothing new and is hardly compelling.

Cast & Crew
Director: Youreka
Actor: Aadukalam Naren, Jeivanth
Release Date: 03 Aug, 2018

Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali (2018) Tamil Review:
A commissioner Aadukalam Naren, UN agency are ways the story, associate degree unveiling actor Jaivanth is being preached out Tamilian fortune and also the troubled, a brand new face was foreign from Rajasthan Ira Agarwal in an exceedingly diplomatic eccentric. because the film deals with the northern folks domination and Jaivanth offers voices towards Tamilian. however don’t understand the explanation he had been relied on the side histrion for his movie!!!

A bourgeoisie family UN agency depends with a automobile for his or her basic period of time to survive, one month due lead their family to travel for suicide associate degreed their son become as an orphan boy. future scene, a gap song with director, that was in instructive and an added evolution song for the hero. The commissioner starts to analyze the case concerning the those who buys vehicle within the leading monetary company had been destroyed terribly before long. This issue creates drawback among the general public and with this unresolved issue, the commissioner had been two-handed over the case to Kaali.

The story travels with a lot of suspicions that a psychic man burned out all vehicles. The guy covers his face with a helmet and also the tale moves on associate degree escapade. At the top the helmet guy unconcealed on why he had been doing such psychic works with the vehicles. it had been a humorous conception with the onerous title “Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali” a gap song was in verbally, there was an added song for sporting girls and that they maintain demand by this song. there’s no romantic or story with gods grace this show healthy perspective of Tamil cinema.


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