Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa

Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Just another movie which joins those numerous attempts which are made for no reason.

Cast & Crew
Director: Razak
Actor: K. Bhagyaraj, Mansoor Ali Khan, Powerstar Seenivasan, Ashmitha
Release Date: 15 Jun, 2018

Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa (2018) Tamil Review:
Four sexagenarians attempt to seize a toddler for ransom. A policeman tries his best to nab the gang WHO hides in a very forest. Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa is simply another moving-picture show that joins those varied makes an attempt that are created for no reason. Neither the director nor the solid and crew appear to be unaware of why the film was created within the 1st place. the largest challenge for a reviewer is to search out out that genre the moving-picture show belongs to.

The plot revolves around four men in their 60s about to seize a toddler for a large quantity. once they realise that they’re too previous for it, they rent four kids WHO may facilitate them in finishing their task. The four-member young team manages to seize the kid and its mother and take them to a forest. the daddy of the kid files a police grievance and also the cops return to a conclusion by mistake that terrorists are behind the act.

Later a demanding cop (Bhagyaraj) is appointed to research this case. Finally, the kid is saved, not due to the cop’s effort – the mother finds her out of obscurity. we tend to keep curious why the armed force were doing throughout the film. whereas looking at Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa , one feels that the plot has been developed keeping in mind that random scenes are to be shot with obtainable artistes therefore on build its period in but 2 hours, that really is its solely positive facet.


Kilambitaangayaa Kilambitaangayaa (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download ( Link Coming Soon )