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Lakshmi Movie Synopsis: A school student, who is passionate about dance, sets out to join a national-level competition without her mother’s knowledge. Lakshmi Movie Review: A film on dance with Prabhu Deva in one of the lead roles — you know what to expect from it. Right from the word go, Lakshmi is exactly what you

Directed of this film : A. L. Vijay
Produced of this film : Prateek Chakravorty, Shruti Nallappa,R. Ravindran
Written of this film : A. L. Vijay
Story of this film : A. L. Vijay
Based on : goddess Lakshmi
Stars of this film : Prabhu Deva,Ditya Bhande,Aishwarya Rajesh
Music of this film : Sam C. S.
Cinematography : Nirav Shah
Edited of this film : Anthony
“Production company of this film” : “Pramod Films ,Trident Arts”
Release date of this film : 24 August 2018
Running time of this film : 130 minutes
Country of this film: India
Genres of this film: Drama

Lakshmi (2018) Tamil Review:
Lakshmi could be a college lady WHO is of course gifted and addicted to dance. Hindu deity manages to satisfy Krishna contend by Prabhu Deva throughout the course of the story wherever she thirstily desires to win in an exceedingly massive competition. however Hindu deity achieves her goal is that the remaining story of the flick.

Director A.L.Vijay’s intent to create a positive flick is considerable. choosing the dance track is refreshing for Tamil cinema and casting the proper person could be a good move in Hindu deity. The script is skinny and sure, the sub-plots lack clarity additionally. The book is good until interval because the staging is satisfying. Dialogues area unit written in an exceedingly delicate manner, they’re apt for the individual moments.

Prabhu Deva has solely nominal scope for performance however he impresses with the measured area given for dance within the film Hindu deity. kid creator Ditya Bhande is that the center of attraction to the current flick, her mouth is evident and her energy state throughout dance movements area unit really breathless. Aishwarya Rajesh has contend her portion with none question, however her character sketch is flat on the entire.

Apart from the foot-tapping gap variety, different songs of surface-to-air missile.C.S area unit simply adequate. Background score might are far better to extend the engagement of the film. Nirav Shah’s photography has taken the film’s quality to a full new level, solid stuff with relevancy camera angles throughout dance sequences. Anthony’s writing is neat, cuts area unit convincing and wrapping things up in 127mins could be a savior.

Sound department deserves an enormous spherical of clapping for his or her outstanding work. Dance choreography stands because the pillar of strength for the flick, the fashionable steps offer North American nation goosebumps. Also, the dance performers (the kids) have done such a lot labor to gift things spirited. The emotional impact is mediocre because the conflicts might are simpler. The half dips at several places because the writing area unit simple and also the full-on dance would possibly attract solely its targeted audience.

There area unit several nonreciprocal queries leftover dead relating to the side-tracks. Villain character is written in a synthetic manner, therefore because the climax. Kovai Sarala and Karunakaran’s humor doesn’t give enough laughter because the approach is medium.


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