Maaniik (2019) Tamil Movie Full Download


Maaniik (2019) Tamil Movie Full Download

Maanik would have been a decent fun ride had the screenplay been a little better with convincingly written characters.

Cast & Crew
Director: Martyn
Actor: Ma Ka Pa Anand, Suza Kumar, Yogi Babu, Manobala
Producer: M. Subramaniyan
Release Date: 04 Jan, 2019

Maaniik (2019) Tamil Movie Review:
A confused kid, WHO falls smitten with many women, struggles exhausting to vary his sick fate. Ma Hindu deity Pa’s previous film Panchumittai was a one-of its-kind magic realism, that sadly, had a terrible book. With Maanik, too, he has tried a special genre that has ample fantasy and spoof parts. many women are available the lifetime of Maanik (Ma K Pa) tho’ it’s Keerthi (Suza) WHO loves him sincerely. Maanik is cursed by a fate that the daddy of any woman whom he proposes passes away. One day, he and his friend get seize by a horrific goon (Aruldoss) in city, and square measure asked by the latter to relishes criminal activities. however each of them get away his clutches forms the story.

The film has AN intriguing plot that is upset by a below average book. tho’ the logical loopholes square measure even by the film’s genre, there square measure instances that square measure unconvincing. At an equivalent time, there square measure bound dialogues that express laughter, however such instances rare. Ma Hindu deity Pa’s performance as a confused kid WHO falls oft into troubles is apt for the role, whereas Aruldoss’s portrayal of a goon WHO murders nearly 700 folks goes overboard and tests patience. Maanik would are a good fun ride had the book been a touch higher with convincingly written characters.


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