Manusangada (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download


Manusangada (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

The film declares solidarity to the sidelined sections of the society and shouts out loud that they are also human beings.

Cast & Crew
Director: Amshan Kumar
Actor: Rajeev Anand, Sheela, Raj Kumar, Manimegalai, Vidhur Rajarajan
Release Date: 12 Oct, 2018

Manusangada (2018) Tamil Review:
But it makes no bones of whose story it’s telling. it’s the story of a person, WHO for having been born into a lower caste, can’t be buried within the same place as that of the higher caste. Death is that the nice leveller to human life, however even in death, there’s no level-playing field in caste-ridden Tamil Nadu (and by extension, India). It does not matter what quantity his son fights and boy, will he fight! He follows the foundations of the village as he approaches the native station so the Revenue Division workplace, each of whom urge him to use associate alternate path that’s earmarked for Dalits to bury them. Shame slowly manifests itself into anger over the course of those conversations however anger isn’t enough to win you equal burial rights. The law can facilitate the burdened, says annan Gowthaman, the person revered amongst the lower caste community as a champion of their rights. Gowthaman believes in Ambedkar and successively, the facility of law. In homes wherever the doorway is adorned by a god of one’s faith, Gowthaman’s is that of the enduring attorney.

There is a scene in Manusangada wherever the hand held camera (the film’s greatest weapon), control at a coffee angle, focusses on Gowthaman and Kolappan as they’re movement back aim a automotive when a success in Madras court. Gowthaman sings Samarasam Ulavum Idame from Rambaiyin Kaadhal (1956). it’s not the enduring bronze voice of Seerkazhi Govindarajan here, however a voice as powerful in its delight at having won a battle. Anger, however, is its own devil. Back home, when hearing of the law in their favour, the beats of the thappu ring loud; it’s music to the ears of the grief-stricken WHO have solely detected of oppari until then. To the thappu dances Shakthivel, a person whose mother died months back however wasn’t allowed to be buried due to the higher caste members within the village. Kolappan joins Shakthi as they each dance their hearts out, the dance of death. A dance for dignity in death. however what specifically is dead here? The question raised in Pariyerum Perumal is extended here.

This film at varied points stroke a chord in my memory of Court (2014), Thithi (2016) and Ee Mau Yau (2018) however the treatment here is totally totally different. the hand held camera that keeps lingering that further second on emptiness attracts your attention to the matter of area and land at the center of this film. whereas a Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) used the camera as a fly the wall, the hand held camera in Manusangada is without delay spectator and visceral. That the film includes a documentary feel is maybe due to the background of the director Amshan Kumar, a documentarian himself. The film fades in from black with a national leader quote, “To deny folks their human rights is to challenge their terribly humanity”, and back to black with, “Every eighteen minutes, a criminal offense is committed against a Dalit.” Between these quotes lies this terrific story regarding the death of humanity.


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