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Mr. Chandramouli

Despite a promising star cast and a competent crew, Mr. Chandramouli is largely underwhelming, mainly because of how formulaic it is.

Cast & Crew
Director: Thiru
Actor: Gautham Karthik, Karthik, Regina Cassandra, Santhosh Prathap, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Sathish, Mime Gopi
Release Date: Jul 6, 2018

Mr. Chandramouli (2018) Tamil Review:
Ever since the official announcement concerning the project, Mr.Chandramouli has invariably ignited AN expectation among the film buffs, particularly as a result of real-life father and son ar coming back along on screen. Yes, we have a tendency to ar talking concerning ‘Navarasa Nayagan’ Karthik and Gautham Karthik acting along for the primary time in Thiru’s direction. Mr. Chandramouli is concerning the competition between 2 company cab operative firms and the way innocent folks get at bay into it. however this company competition impacts the lives of Chandramouli (Karthik) and his son Raghav (Gautham Karthik), forms the remainder of the plot.

The film has all the industrial parts that a typical man may invite, with a slice of romance, action, sentiment, and comedy. however whether or not of these parts ar mixed within the right proportion is debatable. the primary 0.5 does not majorly have any section in and of itself, and also the story starts to select up solely from the pre-interval sequence. The story between Gautham and Regina pops up all of a fulminant and going for a romantic variety like a shot, solely makes one feel, is falling smitten thus easy?

The issue with adult male.Chandramouli is that the plot, that isn’t as robust or as new as Thiru’s previous films. The comedy scenes don’t add most places and thanks to this, the primary hour of the film falls flat, with no massive takeaway. Comedian Sathish United Nations agency had less screen house may are used well. The vital twist within the climax too does not excite abundant and it may most likely return off as sure to a vicinity of the audience. With quite few apparently woven emotional and action scenes, to AN extent, the latter half the show makes up for the not-so-engaging half. Thiru’s writing garners attention within the parts involving Karthik and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Their unexplained relationship is recent, and it’s left to the audience to assume. Had that freshness been there throughout, the film may are an entire spirited individual. The stunt team deserves a special mention for the innovative choreography of the fights. Thiru’s playscript would possibly impress the family audience as there ar a number of scenes line of work to them.

Karthik’s expertise is certainly AN quality for the film, and his energetic screen presence is attractive. Gautham Karthik delivers a decent performance, particularly within the emotional and post-intermission sequences. Regina Cassandra fills the house of a billboard heroine and appears super hot within the abundant talked concerning Yedhedho Aanene song. an endeavor to dub for herself for the primary time is noteworthy. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s chilled out performance throws a decent ambience to the audience, although she gets solely restricted screen time. administrators Mahendran and Ahathiyan do neat and vital cameos.


Mr. Chandramouli (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download
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