Nota (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download


Nota (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

The political scenes are the film’s strengths; in fact, its only strengths. The emotional drama between the characters is quite weak.

Cast & Crew
Director: Anand Shankar
Actor: Vijay Deverakonda, Mehreen Pirzad, Sathyaraj, Nassar, Karunakaran, Anastasia Maslova
Release Date: 04 Oct, 2018

Nota (2018) Tamil Review:
Vijay Devarakonda’s initial straight Tamil film NOTA, directed by Anand Ravi Shankar, is associate degree intense political heroic tale, with none industrial frills. it’s fascinating and revolves additional round the machinations and jockeying that persist behind the scenes to capture power and become the chief minister of a state. Anand Ravi Shankar has taken incidents from what happened in Tamil Nadu politics within the last 2 years because the crux of his story. Varun (Vijay Deverakonda) may be a London came happy go-lucky guy and son of chief minister Vinodhan (Nasser), a former superstar-turned-politician. He runs his party with associate degree iron hand however is condemned in associate degree felonious assets case and has got to visit jail. He makes Varun, UN agency isn’t even a celebration member, because the temporary new CM. the thought is evident that Varun can solely be a “dummy CM” until male parent gets bail. however shortly because the state of affairs spirals out of management fuelled by associate degree formidable opposition leader and his girl, Varun is forced to become a “Rowdy CM”.

He is helped by a journalist and commentator Mahendran (Sathyaraj, modelled on the late Cho Ramaswamy), UN agency was once giving political recommendation to his papa before they’d a fallout. As Varun becomes robust as associate degree in a position administrator (in handling the metropolis floods), his papa comes out of the jail however is caught in an exceedingly blast and gets hospitalised. Once out of the hospital, Vinodhan desires to induce his chair back and plans to bring down his son’s ministry.

There are films of the identical pattern, however what makes NOTA completely different is that the director has not additional any unwanted industrial ingredients. there’s no romance or a number one woman within the film that additionally doesn’t have any humour and mass-action principle scenes. By creating Vijay Devarakonda lead the film, the director has created it additional convincing and realistic. each major political incident that happened in Tamil Nadu has been weaved into the script – kinsfolk politics, adore culture, metropolis floods, however news channels controlled by politicians whitewash their leader and make pretend news, godmen manipulating political leaders, and resort politics to stay MLAs safe from preparation. In one scene, Nasser tells his MLAs to not bend too low showing thraldom otherwise they’ll forget his face once his sculpture has got to be designed. In a way, it’s a grim dig at what has been occurring in Dravidian politics within the previous few years.


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