Odu Raja Odu (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Odu Raja Odu

Odu Raja Odu does take quite a bit of time to set up its premise – in fact, almost the entire first half.

Cast & Crew
Director: Nishant Ravindran, Jathin Sanker Raj
Actor: Guru Somasundaram, Nassar, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Charuhasan, Venkatesh Harinathan, Deepak Bagga, Sona Heiden
Release Date: Aug 17, 2018

Odu Raja Odu (2018) Tamil Review:
Odu Raja Odu relies on the series of unfortunate events that Manohar (Guru Somasundaram), a lazy, nickel-and-dime author, and his drug trafficker friend Peter, encounter in their quest to shop for a set-top box for Manohar’s partner, Meera (Lakshmi Priyaa), on the eve of their bicentennial. The film additionally options many interestingly-woven parallel stories. The method the lives of the varied characters–drug lord Veerabadhran’s (Deepak Bagga) gang; the petty very little thieves, Malar and Sathya; the don brothers, Kaalimuthu (Nasser) and Chellamtuhu (Ravindra Vijay) with contrastive ideologies on violence; the revenge-seeking captive Nakul (Anandsami) — have an effect on and confuse one another is fantastically formed for the foremost half.

Though the unimaginable variety of characters and therefore the non-linear narrative has the potential to confuse a median viewer, the administrators smartly tackle this issue by revealing the name of the characters, in conjunction with the nicknames that the audience would use to see them, at important moments. let’s say, Irfan (Abhishek), World Health Organization contains a secret affair together with his friend Nakul’s partner, gets the nickname, Thunai Maapillai, that makes the theatre burst into laughter.

The satisfactory performance of all the most actors compensates for variety of amateur VFX shots. Nishanth Ravindaran, World Health Organization has additionally taken on the extra responsibilities of book and writing, deserves special praise for the latter role. His sensible multi-screen edit sequence to portray the intimacy between Nakul and Madonna (Ashiqa Salvan) and therefore the usage of jump cuts in slapstick scenes elevate the film.
The real bother for this far-out dark comedy begins towards the half once the treatment becomes forcibly serious, and therefore the film, all of a fulminant, transforms into associate degree emotional drama.

Jigarthanda (which additionally marked Guru Somasundaram), too, had the same mid-film transformation from crook drama to dark comedy. however in contrast to that film, that felt likely, Odu Raja Odu fails to justify the fulminant modification in tone. Halfway through the half, the viewers area unit left confused concerning whether or not to laugh or cry, because the ugly death of a lead character is followed by associate degree unapologetic comedy sequence. Similarly, the scene wherever Nakul erroneously tortures his disguised father rather than Kaalimuthu, that appears to be vie for laughs, solely makes United States of America feel compassionate the character obtaining overwhelmed up.

The other downside with the film is that the portrayal of the feminine characters. all of them appear to be creatures of lust, and therefore the portrayal is meant to produce laughs. Madonna has associate degree affair with Nakul’s friend and declares that she loves each of them equally; another character is needing to bed a interloper directly once her husband goes missing; and Meera arbitrarily discusses intimate secrets together with her neighbour… dead the name of humour. And mind you, these area unit the most 3 feminine characters during this film.



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