Pattinapakkam (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download


Pattinapakkam (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

With hardly any convincing sequence, the whole set up looks staged and amateurish to the core.

Cast & Crew
Director: Jayadev Balachandran
Actor: Kalaiyarasan, Chaya Singh, Anaswara Kumar, Manoj K. Jayan, Yog Japee, John Vijay, M. S. Bhaskar
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2018

Pattinapakkam (2018) Tamil Review:
Crime thrillers may be of 2 types: films that are serious, near reality and unapologetically brutal from time to time, just like the recent Imaikka Nodigal, and ones that are mirthful, and light-hearted just like the classic Chidambara Rahasiyam. however debutant Jayadev Balachandra’s Pattinapakkam, that tries onerous to belong to the primary class, becomes accidentally funny in several instances. The film tries to be lots of things at the identical time. It starts off as a mystery and quickly slips into the family-drama genre, whereas making an attempt onerous to be a comedy intermittently. This lack of clarity within the writing and also the sloppy execution makes Pattinapakkam a tough film to sit down through.

Vetri (Kalaiyarasan), a slaphappy minor, World Health Organization is on the search to urge cash to pay back the money-lenders he borrowed from, Associate in Nursingd an burdened lady of the house, Sheeba (Chaya Singh), cross path over Associate in Nursing accidental murder. gratuitous subplots involving a deputy commissioner and a pair of journalists intertwine with the most conflict over the course of the film. The abusive relationship between Sheeba and James (Manoj K Jayan), bears Associate in Nursing uncanny likeness to the present year’s Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, with Chaya Singh’s appearance Associate in Nursingd performance furthering the illusion that you just are observance an extension of the Arulnithi-starrer. the actual fact that this stretch happens to be the sole literate half is quite unfortunate.

Given that all of Vetri’s short-spanned jobs facilitate opportunities to survey residential areas and spot potential victims within the film, i used to be tempted to construct sensible theories regarding the character’s gray shades. however Jayadev, the director keeps the plot improbably plain and boring. Halfway into the film, I started distrustful whether or not the film’s script was written in reverse, with the ‘all-is-well’ climax being secured initial, and also the remainder of the conflicts written around it. Things go haywire within the half, and that we are left with very little selection, however to sit down through the freaky coincidences that become progressively laughable. The damages, however, might are lessened to a substantial extent, if the director had set to specialize in the core conflict of the murderer on the prowl, while not wasting valuable screen-time on the tedious subplots, which, very like this film, hardly leave a sway.


Pattinapakkam (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

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