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The film unfolds as a mystery thriller, but it is only in the end that we realise that it is a mass hero movie masquerading as something else.

Cast & Crew
Director: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy
Actor: Vijay Antony, Meera Krishnan
Release Date: Dec 1, 2016

Saithan (2016) Tamil Review:
In the provokingly titled Saithan, Dinesh (Vijay Antony) could be a coder UN agency begins hearing voices. Is he hallucinating? Is he on drugs? Is he basic cognitive process a past life? His friends and family area unit spooked, and that they seek for a cure. ought to they take him to a quack? ought to they trust a doctor UN agency diagnoses a growth within the brain and counsels surgery? ought to they consult a hypnotherapist? The symptoms suggest many prospects. may it’s schizophrenia? Reincarnation? Is Dinesh possessed? will he assume he’s in a very sitar player movie?

Slowly, we have a tendency to get a flashback. area unit these events real? Imagined? additional down the road, we have a tendency to return to the villain. Is he meant to be a ominous presence? Is he a buffoon? And let’s inspect what he will. Is he human-testing black drugs? Is he gather organs? take into account, also, however the director, Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, chooses to advance the plot. is that this the type of moving picture wherever AN eerie moon is eclipsed by a black cloud, wherever candles area unit suddenly snuffed out by a draft, wherever eyeballs flip a lurid red? (After all, the title will purpose that approach.) Or area unit we have a tendency to in a very story backed by science, wherever there’s a logical answer to the mystery? Finally, Dinesh himself. Is he AN everyman? Or AN action hero UN agency will single-handed strive against a den of hardened criminals?

The film’s most attention-grabbing subtext is that the one that’s least explored: What if you discover your wedding isn’t what you thought it was? What if your relation clad to be somebody you can’t stomach, however can’t live without? It ought to are the film’s foundation. It winds up AN afterthought. There area unit some nice lines between Dinesh and his mate (Arundathi Nair, who’s not bad), and you wish to examine additional of the couple. There’s an amazing moment wherever a husband gets to grasp his mate includes a sordid past, however rather than recoiling in puritanical disgust, he merely chooses to simply accept this. What happened before wedding is of no concern. She is currently his mate. That’s all that matters. this can be the second time throughout the moving picture you’re feeling like standing up and saluting. (The first, of course, is after you stood up for the anthem.)

Vijay Antony includes a endowment for choosing subjects that area unit totally different, however a decent hook doesn’t build a decent moving picture. And whereas you appreciate his humility in acceptive he isn’t a decent actor, that can’t tide you over a movie that required a powerful central performance. although it’s arduous to examine however anyone may have nonmoving the progressively foolish happenings. Red herrings area unit one issue. A mindless fishing expedition quite another. you wish to be shocked. you finish up cheated.


Saithan (2016) Tamil Full Movie Download
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