Seemathurai (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download


Seemathurai (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

This rural romance, seems to be trying to another Kalavaani, but the a cliched treatment works against it.

Cast & Crew
Director: Santhosh Thiyagarajan
Actor: Varsha Bollamma, Geethan Britto
Release Date: 07 Dec, 2018

Seemathurai (2018) Tamil Review:
Seemathurai tho’ named once the character profile of Geethan, taking part in a college-going devil-may-care guy referred to as Marudhu, tells a story that does not need his presence in the least. it’s a poorly-written role despite giving him an honest introduction, that once more has no relating the film thenceforth. Geethan still provides it his all and is earnest as Marudhu, UN agency is barely needed to smile, get overwhelmed up, dance, smile, get overwhelmed up, and dance once more, with dialogues that may match into one sheet of paper.

The real story of the film is concerning Poorani (Varsha Bollamma, last seen taking part in a lovestruck student of Vijay Sethupathi in 96). She is that the focus of everything that’s happening on screen. However, simply because Varsha shot to fame by doing dubsmash videos of Nazriya Nazim, she is formed to imitate Nazriya’s acting during a few scenes, which could get on your nerves, however Marudhu’s antics are therefore irresistible that nothing else comes shut. Also, Poorani has some real aim in life — she desires to travel to varsity and Marudhu’s love-at-first-sight simply becomes a hindrance to that.

Why cannot our heroes simply let our women study? I perceive love-at-first-sight, however why do not they even do a touch of background check and check out apprehend|to understand|to grasp} her? Marudhu does not know she has associate cogent father with a bunch of enemies, a aggressor uncle who’ll do something to uphold the dignity of Poorani’s father, a mother UN agency could be a staunch believer of “Ponnu veeta vittu veliya pona kettu poyidum.” Heck, he does not even grasp Poorani’s name before falling dotty along with her, singing a song or 2, drinking along with his friends and affirmation his like to them.

The conflict during this film, while it would appear to be the romance between Poorani and Marudhu, is absolutely concerning her father and his enemies, UN agency do not even grasp or care concerning our hero’s existence. And this conflict is treated with genuineness, and therefore the powerful climax really hits you exhausting. Director Santhosh Thiyagarajan’s writing is pretty generic, aside from that climax. The humour parts work because of the actors taking part in Marudhu’s friends, chiefly Pori Urundai Suresh as Ayyanaar. Viji Chandrasekhar is wasted within the role of Marudhu’s mother, because the initial spunk in her role fizzles out because of lack of literate scenes for her.

However despite the generic writing, the strength of this film is that the powerful performances. Kasirajan, UN agency plays Poorani’s uncle, could be a conflicted character, and possibly the best-written role once Varsha Bollamma herself, UN agency makes the foremost of her role because the naive, nevertheless froward Poorani. Considering the effectiveness of her role, it’s puzzling why the director did not name the film Seemaatti.


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