Seyal (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download


Seyal (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Seyal has the premise of an action thriller, but director Ravi Abbulu turns it into a comedy.

Cast & Crew
Director: Ravi Abbulu
Actor: Tharushi, Rajan Tejeshwar
Release Date: 18 May, 2018

Seyal (2018) Tamil Review:
Seyal begins in North Chennai wherever the whole market space is controlled by a neighborhood outlaw Dhandapani (Chammak Chandra). Karthik (Rajan Tejeshwar), a happy- go -lucky guy involves the section for a few work and alittle argument between him and therefore the outlaw results in the previous beating the latter within the public read. therefore Dhandapani loses his hold within the market and nobody is willing to grant him any ‘maamool’ any longer. The criminal seeks his guru Thimingalam’s (Jayabalan) steerage to prepared the difficulty and successively he tells him to trash the boy within the same place wherever he was crushed. The guru sets a time-frame and additionally warns Dhandapani that the market would visit his opponent Seval (Dheena), if he fails in his try. however currently Karthik is in Kerala chasing his love interest Aarthi (Tarushi). All efforts of Dhandapani to bring him back to Chennai prove futile. Finally, once Karthik returns at his own can, things aren’t as simple as Dhandapani imagines. the remainder is that if Dhandapani wins over Karthik, that is narrated in a very wry manner.

North Chennai movies are unremarkably stuffed with sickles, violence and bloodshed however here in Seyal, director Ravi Abbulu differs and sprinkles comic flavor throughout the film. The manners within which Dhandapani loses respect from his adult female and admiration from his underlings WHO keep reminding him of the ‘thrash incident’ with funny one-liners are to some extent pleasant. Debutant Rajan Tejeshwar will a good job. Given his average stature, portrayal him as a butch man WHO takes on dozen goons appearance funny (but the story is all regarding that!). His love episode with Tarushi additionally lacks the fizz. Chamak Chandra’s performance is adequate. Vinodhini, Renuka, Munishkanth in supporting roles eat their bit. however why everybody speaks therefore loud? although songs raise the length of the motion picture, Vipin’s rerecording is sweet.


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