To Let (2019) Tamil Full Movie Download

To Let

To Let (2019) Tamil Full Movie Download

To Let manages to hold you in its grip and provides a moving experience.

Cast & Crew
Director: Chezhian Ra
Actor: Santhosh Sreeram, Sheela Raj Kumar, Dharun Bala
Release Date: 21 Feb, 2019

To Let (2019) Tamil Review:
To Let may be a quietly powerful film that beautifully captures the economic imbalances that the data technology boom has created in our society, and also the manner it’s compact the lives of the conservative once it involves one amongst the fundamental wants of life – shelter. The plot kicks in once a family of 3 – Ilango (Santhosh Sreeram), associate aspiring movie maker, Amudha (Sheela Rajkumar), his wife, and Siddharth (Dharun), their son – is asked to vacate their house. the complete film involves their look for a house to rent, and is ready it slow when 2007, once the IT boom resulted within the creation of associate upwards mobile category that didn’t worry regarding pocket money, and the way this, in turn, cause inflation of realty costs and created it tough for the really conservative to afford an honest house – even for rent.

The film plays out sort of a fine companion piece to a different important film a few conservative family’s travails to afford a house – Balu Mahendra’s Veedu. In fact, it appears like a research of the identical issue in a very modern setting. And it holds a mirror to the changes within the society since then. Veedu was a movie set within the pre-globalisation era, and in understanding, matters of its characters appears higher currently, for then, the conservative might a minimum of have an opportunity at owning their own house. Now, the economic inequality is therefore huge that a family like that of Ilango’s will solely dream of owning one. Like that film, this one, too, desires to be as realistic as doable, and even eschews background score and opts for sound style (by Tapas Nayak) to boost the mood of the scenes. Chezhiyan tries to try to to away with comedy the maximum amount as doable, not like a movie just like the recent Kadikara Manithargal, that conjointly handled the identical issue (this film was created before that one, and has been on the competition circuit, winning among several alternative awards, the National Award at the simplest Tamil Film). In fact, one crucial development, involving a house owner taking flight at the last moment, happens off screen. A lesser movie maker would are tempted to take advantage of such a state of affairs to create things dramatic, however Chezhiyan instead provides US the aftermath of such a development. it’s delicate and impactful.

But there are characters and scenes that do want they belong therein film. Like Ilango’s landlord (Athira Pandilakshmi). Chezhiyan would have created his purpose if the character had been simply indifferent towards the plight of her tenants, however she is became associate self-important woman UN agency solely has contempt for Ilango and his family. we have a tendency to even get an effort wherever she scratches her back with the cash that’s given to her as rent! The manner Ilango and Amudha react whenever somebody involves try the home is conjointly somewhat melodramatic. maybe these scenes are supposed to indicate how such visits are associate invasion of privacy, however the embarrassment that the couple shows (save for associate instance once somebody opens an almirah and Amudha’s inner wear and sanitary napkins tumble out) doesn’t feel realistic.

These minor quibbles aside, To Let manages to carry you in its grip and provides a moving expertise. It effectively captures the emotional turmoil concerned in vacating and moving to a special house for a section of the society, and the way factors like faith, caste, profession and even food play a task during this ostensibly common life expertise. The characters have their own follies. in a very number of instances, we have a tendency to get info that the family might do higher, however the characters like better to do what they need to rather than taking the straightforward answer, like not opting to employment abroad or not taking an inexpensive house as a result of this tenants are associate aged couple. These acts would possibly makes US assume the characters aren’t sensible, however the reality is it makes all the additional human. The dialogues are on purpose, and stripped-down. just like the line wherever a personality says however we have a tendency to are okay with giving a complete state to somebody from the movie industry. Chezhiyan doesn’t complete what the character implies – that individuals aren’t able to offer their homes to a ‘cinemakaaran’ – to underline the irony. He simply desires the audience to fill within the blanks. This approach of feat things implicit is seen within the narration, too. we have a tendency to ne’er get Ilango and Amudha’s backstory or the resolution to their downside, and nevertheless we have a tendency to get an inspiration of their lives. All we have a tendency to get are the scenes that are shown between shots of gap and shutting of a door. It’s a stunning visual bit, and a terrific thanks to support the film.


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