Traffic Ramasamy (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Traffic Ramasamy

Traffic Ramasamy (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

For a film based on a firebrand activist, Traffic Ramasamy is hardly compelling.

Cast & Crew
Director: Vicky
Actor: S.A. Chandrashekhar, Prakash Raj, Rohini, Vijay Antony, Ambika, Manobala, R. K. Suresh, Imman Annachi, Madhan Bob, Upasana Rai, Mohan V. Raman
Release Date: 22 Jun, 2018

Traffic Ramasamy (2018) Tamil Review:
There is a remarkable scene within the half of Traffic Ramasamy that just about summarises the film. Ramasamy has simply been subjected to police brutality for 3 straight nights and once dispute and winning his case within the court, he returns home. On the way, he makes a stop at a textile search to shop for new garments therefore on hide his bruises. As he exits the carry to enter his house, the door starts closing before he gets out and he doesn’t even have the strength to prevent the carry from closing. such a lot so it hits him not once however doubly, before he will place a foot forward. That he believes he will dress his wounds up and keep from being exposed is during a sense what the director is additionally making an attempt to try to to with this film.

Biopics sometimes follow one in all 2 patterns — they either go the Mahanati route and check out to trace the complete length of the character’s life or go the roles route and follow showing shaping moments of the character. Director Vicky has chosen the latter route for this biopic, however to decision the film a biopic of this selection is sort of doing injustice to any or all the nice ones that are created. One will appreciate the intent behind creating a movie like Traffic Ramasamy, particularly in these politically charged times. except for such a movie to remain on within the public conscience, it’s imperative that or not it’s literate and properly dead, that is sadly not the case here.

Scenes wherever Sturmarbeiteilung Chandrasekhar gets crushed, whereas not as visceral as those in Visaaranai, still cause you to uncomfortable and wince a small amount. however in distinction square measure the court scenes that get more and more accidentally funny. The court is that the most sacred ground within the lifetime of Traffic Ramasamy — the place wherever he has waged and won many another battle for the general public. Contempt of court gets a brand new that means within the manner the court is delineate during this film, what with Ambika, a presiding choose, ordering food before the argument begins and asking a toddler to use the mallet to manage the proceedings. There’s additionally the absurdness of her mistreatment Associate in Nursing AK47 to scare off the people that try and bribe her for a favourable judgement. Imagine being therefore pharisaical {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} film whose director cuts away to an item variety simply once a accident.

A film that asks the youth to become politically active has to haven’t simply its heart, however additionally its mind within the right place. With such blatant disregard to the courts that gave Traffic Ramasamy his accolades, one wonders if what is going to really remain within the minds of viewers square measure the bruises one gets for protestant instead of the ending that comes from protestant. that’s a ill service not simply to the firebrand activist however additionally to the wondrous medium of cinema that has been used as a tool to convey political messages.


Traffic Ramasamy (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download
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