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With a decent premise and convincingly established characters, a better storyline and execution would have made the film a better watch.

Cast & Crew
Director: K. Rajaraman
Actor: Krishna Kulasekaran, Iswarya Menon, Karunakaran, Thambi Ramaiah, Radha Ravi, Rajendran, Yogi Babu
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2018

Veera (2018) Tamil Review:
A mandram (association) forms the scene of everything that happens in Veera. The film opens with a history of however mandrams were shaped within the 1st place for social smart, however have currently became the dens of wrongdoing. Over several games of carrom in these dimly-lit mandrams, kids plot murders and kidnappings. To borrow a word that Tamil cinema has become fascinated with in recent times, they “sketch”. Veeramuthu (Krishna) is one such small fry. He’s adept at plotting evil acts, we’re told typically, however he – and his friend Pachamuthu (Karunakaran) – don’t have the sort of respect they aim for. That’s as a result of Sura Murugan (Kanna Ravi) has become the toast of the colony, due to the backing of heavyweight Boxer Rajendran.

What starts off as a petty face-off between Veera and Sura gets serious once the previous goes to Sketch Sekar (Radha Ravi) for steering on learning the tricks of the trade. Veera goes in expecting a goonda, however is shocked to visualize him as a godman, currently isolated from the business of ‘sketch’. He trains Veera in a number of the additional attention-grabbing sequences within the film. Things heat up with the entry of Kumar, World Health Organization lusts once Boxer Rajendran’s girl Renuka. Veera gets entangled during a face-off that he least expects to induce into, however he should solve the puzzle to emerge victorious.

Veera keeps moving at an honest pace and engages at the most times. It smartly avoids the error that this year’s earlier film on an analogous subject – Vikram’s Sketch– did, and doesn’t admiration one bit. It’s additionally a relief that the love track is unbroken to a minimal; there’s musician Leon James’ loveable ‘Veratama Veratariye’ to look at out for. Karunakaran moves far from simply comedy and gets a task capable that of the lead – a positive sign of his rising quality in filmdom. The staging of the sequences may well be average, however director Rajaram sketches some pretty attention-grabbing characters. A crook is currently a godman. A rowdy is known as Jonty Rhodes as a result of “he wont to scale walls to impress aunties”. all of them use cuss words at the drop of a hat – in all probability the rationale behind the film’s A certificate – and square measure all engaged in native fights. No surprise the film’s tagline is “first blood.”


Veera (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download
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