Vinveli Payana Kurippukal (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

Vinveli Payana Kurippukal

Vinveli Payana Kurippukal (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download

The film is a clear case of good content becoming a casualty due to the amateurishness of form.

Cast & Crew
Director: R. Jayaprakash
Actor: Athvik Jalandhar, Pooja Ramakrishnan
Release Date: 20 Jul, 2018

Vinveli Payana Kurippukal (2018) Tamil Review:
R Jayaprakash’s film may be a story a few village don, Duraipandi, WHO aspires to travel to area as a holidaymaker. His dream needs plenty of cash, and he orders the native village heads to pay him for the favours he has done them over the years. furious by Duraipandi’s actions, many individuals plot to kill him. the remainder of the film is regarding whether or not he survives these plots and goes to area. the matter with the film begins right from its title and genre. Going by the promotions, you expect one thing on the lines of Appuchi Gramam. Instead what you get area unit incessant closeups and endless conversations between random characters, that offer mega-serials of the 80s a run their cash.

Despite having a awfully linear narrative, the film is split into gratuitous chapters, that area unit bizarrely named Kuripugal (notes), presumptively to justify the title. Also, obscurity within the film will we get an inexpensive justification for Duraipandi’s want to travel area move. tho’ Jayaprakash hits the correct note with emotions within the scenes involving Duraipandi, his ex-lover and her husband, he fails to make a similar impact with humor. Logic, gratuitous to mention, goes for a supply several places and plenty of queries area unit left unrequited. except the amazingly well-animated climax sequence, the film fails on the technical front, too.

The only state of grace is that the performance of the leads — Athvik Jalander and Pooja Ramakrishnan. tho’ the previous performs impeccably because the dull-headed nevertheless stubborn Duraipandi, it’s Pooja, enjoying Duraipandi’s ex-lover, WHO steals the show. Vinveli Payana Kurippugal could are effective as a brief film spanning 10 minutes some, however as a feature, it’s a complete drag. throughout a random exchange between Duraipandi and his accessary, he says, “Kaakuravan manushan, kaakaveikravan periya manushan.” Given however long you watch for the tip of the film, it’s onerous to consider that assessment.


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