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X Videos

There are too many sub-plots within the story, and though the run time is less than two hours, you are thoroughly spent by the time you reach the climax.

Cast & Crew
Director: Sajo Sundar
Actor: Ajay Raj, Akriti Singh, Abhinav
Release Date: 01 Jun, 2018

X Videos (2018) Tamil Review:
The director wastes no time in diving right into the story, and that we see newsperson Manoj (Ajay Raj) and his colleague Danny (Nijay) asking individuals if they suppose erotica sites ought to be stop working. once one amongst them says that these sites square measure answerable for several suicides, he checks out one amongst the websites, and is afraid to search out his relief Ankit’s (Prasanna Shetty) wife’s (Akriti Singh as Tripthi) video doing the rounds. Turns out, the video was shot by his friend himself as a result of he needed a ‘memory that may prompt him however young and slim his adult female was’ even once she piles on weight post childbirth! whereas Ankit commits suicide, Manoj becomes a person on mission – to search out out who’s answerable for the leak and produce him to task. He takes facilitate from his cop friend Imran (Shan), and his search leads him to Vikram (Praboojit) and his gang of dissatisfied package professionals, who’ve launched a erotica website that includes homespun, desi videos, procured from mobile technicians and techies UN agency service phones and computers.

The film options largely newcomers, and for debutants, they need done their roles commendably. In scenes wherever he’s overcome with guilt and blames himself for the death of his friend, Ajay performs well, and Akriti scores once she expresses her reluctance to be shot whereas undressing. The sequences between Vikram and Imran evoke claps from the audience, creating for a few lighter moments.

Despite being a movie on the flourishing erotica business, and with scope to feature specific, ‘X’-rated scenes, it’s commendable however Sajo has unbroken the content ‘clean’. But, it’s the scripting wherever he falters. The construct of the film is loud and clear, however he appears to possess wavered whereas writing down the script. There square measure too several sub-plots inside the story, and tho’ the run time is a smaller amount than 2 hours, you’re totally spent by the time you reach the climax.


X Videos (2018) Tamil Full Movie Download
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